Empowering Traders with the new
Margin Trading Bot

World's No.1 bot that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technologies
to disrupt the most dreaded margin market.
MTT Goes Live!!!
ETH IN Trades
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7,000,000 Tokens
14,000,000 Tokens

Why Trade With Margin Trading Bot?

The answer is not far fetched. This unique AI bot would help traders make money in the dreaded margin markets, while not wasting lots of their valuable time. Make your deposit to the bot, and then with few commands you are on your way to potential profits.

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What and How it work

The Revolutionized Trading Bot

Connected To Eight Margin Exchanges

$1 Trillion Market 1% Market Share Target

Over 500 Thousand Traders Target


Margin Trading Token is the utility token for margin trading bot as well as the central utility token for all AI (Artificial Intelligence) bots designed to trade margins.
What more could you ask for?
We not only make trading stress-free but we also save you money on trading fees, by offering you MTT to slash the traditional trading fees by over 200%.

Token Sale

MTT is no longer open for public and private sales. Traders can get a hold of MTT on vindax.com at a very affordable rate.

Distribution Of Tokens

Road Map

February 2018
Botmargin initiative was born
April 2018
Bot development commenced
August 2018
Bot API was created.
November 2018
Whitepaper layout
January 2019
AI Blockchain Summit in Cayman Island
March 2019
Bot Testnet Released.
June 2019
Public sale
August 2019
Vindax Listing
November 2019
Partnership with Margin Pro R16
January 2020
New servers deployment
March 2020
Listing on other exchanges
July 2021
Launch of Marginx Exchange

Frequently Asked Question

Margin Trade bot is the universal trading bot for all margin trading bot that uses a unique trading mechanism to trade margin on top eight margin exchanges.

Leveraging is an act of borrowing more than your available trading balance from an exchange to maximize your trading portfolio.

Yes. Margin Trade Bot owns its native Token that is acceptable for trading assets on the bot. Leveraging comes with a fee of 0.5usd multiplied by the applied leverage. Exception of those who have MTT balance in their bot.

Visit vindax.com here https://vindax.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=MTT_ETH

https://vindax.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=MTT_BTC and buy some mtt token.

Yes. You get a 5% referral on every deposit of your referrals.

Minimum deposit and investment is 20USD for BTC and 10USD for Ethereum. Any investment below this could be lost by Margin Trade bot.

Margin Trade Bot offers 3 trading plans.

4% in 3days

10% in 7days and

20% in 14days.

Minimum withdrawal on botmargin is 21 USD for btc and 11 USD for eth.


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